The Ultimate Furnace Maintenance Guide featuring Useful Tips and Tricks

Is your furnace in the best health? No. Well, Air Blue Heating and Cooling Inc. can assist. We are more than heating and cooling solutions. We are dedicated to prolonging the life of your furnace. But, do you ever wonder how you can contribute to this? Here’s how.

Regular Check-ups

It’s essential to have a technician from Air Blue Heating and Cooling Inc. inspect your furnace at least once a year. Regular check-ups can help detect minor problems before they escalate, thus saving spare parts and labor costs.

Clean or Replace Filters

Clogged and dirty filters make it hard for the furnace to work optimally. Regular cleaning should do the trick, but once worn out, consider a filter replacement. Consult Air Blue to help in deciding the perfect fit for your furnace.

Adjust your Furnace’s Thermostat

Adjusting the furnace thermostat intermittently might not be the best for its health. Constant temperature changes cause the furnace to work harder, reducing its efficiency over time. It’s advisable to keep the temperature at a constant level to prevent unnecessary exertion on the furnace.

Maintain a Clear Furnace Area

Last but not least, always keep the area around your furnace clear. Adequate space around the furnace not only ensures optimal operation but also keeps safety hazards at bay. Contact Air Blue today to schedule your Furnace Maintenance and opt for a warmer, safer winter season.