Unwind and Explore: Discover Fun Activities Near Lambert Heating & Air Conditioning

Lambert Heating & Air Conditioning is the premier destination for Air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance in Crooks, Brandon, Harrisburg, Hartford, Sioux Falls, and Tea SD. Still, the surrounding area offers more than top-notch cooling solutions.

Arts and Culture Around Brandon and Crooks

Delve into your artistic side by visiting the South Dakota Art Museum, located only a short drive away in Brookings. The museum showcases the works of South Dakota artists and provides an appealing change of pace from technical considerations about air conditioning in Crooks, SD.

Harrisburg and Hartford are also home to various attractions. The Air Conditioner Repair services in these locations are widely known, but the area’s recreational options should not go unnoticed.

Nature and Adventure in Harrisburg and Hartford

For an exciting day out in nature, visit the Big Sioux Recreation Area. It offers great opportunities for fishing, hiking and bird watching right on the Big Sioux River. This wonderful attraction is easily accessible from both Harrisburg and Hartford.

The Sioux Falls region is ideal for both air conditioner service and outdoor activities. Sioux Falls offers access to some of the most scenic spots around.

Historical Sights to See in Sioux Falls

Pay a visit to the Washington Pavilion. The historical building invites you to explore its mix of art and science exhibits or catch a show at its theater. It’s a must-see after concluding your air conditioning service in Sioux Falls, SD.

Tea, SD, beyond its renowned air conditioner replacement and air conditioning service, has it’s own local charm.

Local Charm in Tea, SD

Visit the Tea Steakhouse, a local favorite for many years, known for its exceptional steaks and relaxed atmosphere. After a hard day’s work with Lambert Heating & A/C Inc attending to your air conditioner replacement in Tea, SD, the Tea Steakhouse is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a hearty dinner.

With Lambert Heating & Air Conditioning, you not only receive top-quality Air Conditioning services but also have ample opportunities to explore the local splendors our lovely South Dakota has to offer.