Expert Tips for DIY Air Conditioning and Heating Service, Repair, and Installation

One of the greatest pleasures of being a homeowner is the ability to understand and work with the diverse systems within your home. Two of the most important systems we depend on are our air conditioning and heating systems. The professionals at Long’s Air Conditioning, Inc. wanted to share some valuable insight into performing the basic service, repair, and installation of these systems.

AC/Heating Maintenance Tips

A key aspect of good home stewardship involves routine maintenance. Keeping your air conditioning and heating systems well-maintained will save you costly repair bills in the future. Study your systems’ user manuals thoroughly, and always replace filters as suggested. It’s crucial to have a basic knowledge of your systems so you can recognize when they are not functioning correctly. You can learn more useful maintenance tips here.

Proper cleaning and maintenance can go a long way in extending the life of your systems. Make a habit of dusting and vacuuming the vents and intakes frequently. Doing so reduces allergens in your home and also allows your AC/Heating systems to run more efficiently.

Basic Troubleshooting and Repairs

While it’s always a good idea to call a professional for complex issues, some minor repairs can be done by homeowners. For instance, you can often fix a failed thermostat by replacing its batteries, or improve an underperforming AC by cleaning the outside unit of debris and foliage.

When dealing with a system that isn’t heating or cooling properly, first check your thermostat settings. If adjustments don’t seem to help, it could be due to outdated or faulty wiring, a problem better left to professionals. That said, before making that call, ensure your breakers aren’t tripped, and filters are clean. Those are common issues behind an inefficient system.

Professional Installation

While minor maintenance and repairs can be done DIY-style, installation is a process recommended for professionals. This is because heating and air conditioning systems require careful sizing, placement, and electrical work for efficient operation. A wrong move can potentially lead to accidents and damage.

If you’re considering a new HVAC system, get in touch with experts like Long’s Air Conditioning, Inc. who can offer reliable advice on the best system for your home size, layout, and climate. While you’re consulting with them, ask them for simple tips on how you can best maintain your new system!

Being a homeowner doesn’t mean you have to do everything. However, understanding your air conditioning and heating systems will go a long way in ensuring you make wise decisions when it comes to maintenance, repairs, and installations. So equip yourself with knowledge, and then call in a professional for the more complex jobs. You’ll be glad you did!