Unearthing the Truth: Debunking Common Myths about Lawn Care & Tree Services

Every property owner dreams of having a green, well-maintained lawn and luscious trees. However, achieving that dream often comes with its own set of misconceptions, especially when dealing with commercial lawn care, tree trimming and tree services. Here at 603 Yard & Tree Service, we are committed to debunking these myths, providing you with reliable, fact-based knowledge to help you manage your property.

Myth 1: “Summer is the Best Time for Tree Trimming”

This commonly held view is unfortunately a myth. Contrary to belief, late winter or early spring is generally the best time for a tree trimming service. This is primarily because trees are dormant during this period, reducing the impact of cuts, and the lack of leaves makes it easier to see and make precise cuts.

Myth 2: “You Don’t Need Professional Help to Remove a Tree”

The dangerous task of removing a tree should only be handled by professionals with the proper training and equipment. Trying to remove the tree by yourself can result in personal injury, or worse, death. Professionals at 603 Yard & Tree Service are equipped to handle tree removal in places like East Derry, NH, Derry, NH, Chester, NH, safely and efficiently.

Myth 3: “All Brown Grass is Dead”

Another widespread misconception is that brown grass is dead grass. This is not always the case. Grass may turn brown during periods of extreme heat or drought as part of its survival mechanism. Before you decide to replace the entire lawn, it’s best to seek advice from a commercial lawn care professional in Manchester, NH, Auburn, NH, or Hooksett, NH.

In conclusion, achieving your dream lawn and healthy trees requires following the right practices and information. When looking for professional help or advice, turn to our experts at 603 Yard & Tree Service. We are here to help debunk any myths and provide you with the best service to keep your property looking its best.