Daily Grind at Mayhem Mechanical

Another day, another set of challenges to tackle at Mayhem Mechanical. As an HVAC technician, my mornings typically start with a quick team huddle to review the day’s schedule and address any urgent service calls.

First Stop: AC Contractor Lebanon, TN

Today’s first appointment was with a residential client in Lebanon who needed their air conditioning unit serviced. Upon arrival, I:

  1. Performed a thorough inspection of the system
  2. Cleaned the condenser coils and checked the refrigerant levels
  3. Replaced a faulty capacitor

After a final test run, the unit was operational, and the homeowner was pleased with the prompt service.

Next Up: HVAC Installation Mt. Juliet, TN

The second job of the day took me to a new construction site in Mt. Juliet, where I worked alongside the team to install a complete HVAC system. We:

  1. Mounted the outdoor condensing unit
  2. Ran the ductwork throughout the new home
  3. Installed the indoor air handling unit and thermostat

Coordination and attention to detail were key to ensuring a seamless installation process.

Final Call: HVAC Contractor Gladeville, TN

The last appointment of the day was a service call for a commercial client in Gladeville. Their HVAC system was experiencing issues with uneven cooling, and we:

  1. Checked the ductwork for any leaks or blockages
  2. Replaced a faulty blower motor
  3. Recalibrated the thermostat settings

After a few tests, the system was back to optimal performance, and the client was satisfied with our prompt and efficient service.

As the sun set, I headed back to the office, grateful for another fulfilling day on the job, helping keep our community comfortable and energy-efficient.