A Rewarding Day in the Life at Billy Rogers Inc

Morning Routine

After grabbing a quick breakfast, I headed to the office of Billy Rogers, Inc. for our daily team huddle. As an HVAC technician, each day brings new challenges and opportunities to serve our community’s heating and cooling needs.

First Call: AC Repair

  1. Our first job was an AC repair in Dyersburg, TN. The homeowner reported that their unit was blowing warm air, despite the thermostat being set to cool.
  2. Upon inspection, I discovered a refrigerant leak. After recharging the system and sealing the leak, the AC was back in top shape, providing cool comfort for the family.

Lunchtime Learning

During our lunch break, our team discussed the latest advancements in ductless HVAC systems. These ductless units offer energy-efficient solutions for homes without existing ductwork, a growing trend in our area.

Afternoon Appointment: Furnace Replacement

  • In the afternoon, we traveled to Milan, TN, to replace an aging furnace for a longtime customer.
  • After carefully removing the old unit, we installed a high-efficiency furnace, ensuring the homeowners’ comfort and cost savings for years to come.

Wrapping Up the Day

Before heading home, I stopped by our Newbern, TN, office to drop off paperwork for an upcoming HVAC installation project in Union City. It’s rewarding to play a role in providing reliable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions throughout our community.